Nana Michelle Aloha Recipes Banana Nutella Whole Wheat Wraps

My daughter in law Lani makes amazing creations in her kitchen and she takes these incredible photos of her creations. LOL when I ask for the recipe she just smiles and then my son tells me “Mom you know what is in this figure it out.” They make me work my brain overtime to deconstruct their recipes. This was actually one of the easiest ones and probably one of the most delicious ones especially since we have had it for breakfast more than once and it has become a favorite in our house.

Banana Nutella Whole Wheat Wraps with Granola and Honey Drizzle


Whole Wheat Wraps (if you can’t get these use whole wheat tortillas and lightly warm them)



Granola (your personal favorite one)



1) Lay your Whole Wheat Wrap on a flat surface. You can warm it up a little if you want to but you don’t have to.

2) Slather the Nutella all over the top of the Whole Wheat Wrap leaving a little uncovered border around the wrap for easy handling and less mess.

3) Layer your sliced bananas evenly down the middle of the wrap.

4. Layer your favorite Granola down the middle over the bananas.

5) Drizzle the honey over the granola and honey.

6) Start rolling the wrap so it appears as shown in the photo of the finished product.

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