Wednesday Coffee

Wednesday Coffee has been a tradition with us for about 8 years now and this picture of my daughter has got to be my all time favorite lol because we really do sit out at coffee and drink coffee. Wednesday Coffee is a time to sit down with friends and family and enjoy conversation, laugh until we can’t breathe, enjoy some food together lol and of course coffee. It is a time to share the joys and sorrows in our lives and talk about current events with the understanding that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we agree to disagree, we talk about family ups and downs and it is always welcomed advice from those who have seen it and done it and survived. We have had Kapolei United Methodist Church Praise & Worship Team practice out at coffee when our schedules were crazy and that was the only place we were all near enough to meet. LOL I hope those that listened found it pleasing to their ears and went home or to work with a smile on their hearts.
I have baked and cooked and shared many goodies over the years and I think it is flattering when a perfect stranger comes up and asks for a bite of what I have made because they saw the look of love on someone’s face as they bit into one of the creations. Of course we never say no and share and we have converts for life who smile every time they see us out at coffee now.
We have seen friends come and go over the years as those in the military got stationed somewhere else or life called them back to the mainland or to their homeland. We miss them all very much and think of them often especially on Wednesday Coffee night. We sit around the big coffee table of life and remember and make memories that will last for a lifetime because coffee is about life and friends and family and you can’t bottle that and sell it in a store. You have to live it!

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