Mother and Daughters Mother’s Day Photo

By: nanamichellecooking

May 17 2013

Category: Life in Nana Michelle's World

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I had to wait a couple of days for this photo to be posted on the Kapolei United Methodist Church Facebook page and when I saw the photo it brought tears to my eyes because my daughters are the most incredible and talented young adult women I have ever been blessed to be around.

That bouquet I am holding was a gift of love from them because they made it out of craft supplies and they told me they wanted me to have something that would not have to be tossed in the trash once the petals had wilted and the flowers had died. I still have the beautiful creation from last year and this bouquet will have a place of honor on top of my entertainment center along with the Mother’s Day Garden that they made last year.

A lot of the recipes that will be posted and some have already been posted are recipes that my daughters have started creating and I see some of me in each one of them and a lot of me in both my daughters. When I started this journey first with the Nana Michelle Aloha Recipes page on Facebook and now on here I wanted to pass down to them my love and joy and peace I find when I am creating something in my kitchen. There were times when it was rough for them growing up because money was hard to come by but we always stuck together and we always shared a lot of laughter.

Family always embrace them and love them unconditionally and make memories that will make them and you smile for a lifetime each and every single time they come to mind. My beautiful daughters Heather and Jessica I love you more than you will ever know you are a light in my world and sunshine to my soul. You are my blessings from God and I will never take that blessing for granted.

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