Pau Hana Friday in Hawaii

Blessings With Family

Aloha to each and every single one of you out there. It is Pau Hana Friday here in Hawaii and that means we have made it through our work week and it is time to sit down and enjoy friends and family with food, music and talk story time here. The translation of the Hawaiian word pau (pronounced pow) is finished or done with and hana means work so you are done with work. we say “All pau”

How many of you get together with friends and family and just enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling of being blessed in life? I never take one single day for granted in life and I try not to stay angry for more than 10 minutes at the most. LOL and we all know sometimes family gatherings can be the most pain in the you know what! I am one of those who sits back and just watches and listens to it all and then when you least expect it out comes my sense of humor and the laughing begins.

I remember Pau Hana time when I was a little girl lol and I remember sitting on the bed with my mother and all her sisters who were adults and they were all talking about which one was the prettiest and which one was the smartest and then all of a sudden one of my aunts pulls up her blouse and bursts out with this “Well you may be the prettiest and you may be the smartest and you have the most money but I have the prettiest belly button out of all of you!”. These grown women actually got out a wooden ruler and measured their belly buttons to see who could put the biggest jewel in them and for the next 30 minutes the conversation was about belly buttons LOL as a little girl I was shocked and of course I thought it was funny and I still do to this day over 50 years later.

I share this story because it is these things that we will remember when we are older and telling stories to our own children and grandchildren. This Pau Hana Friday as we are heading into Mother’s Day weekend to honor our mothers please take time to share the  laughter, the love, and the food. Make the memories that will last a lifetime and bring a smile each and every single time they are remembered or shared on a Pau Hana Friday gathering with friends and family.

Life is precious and your mother can’t be replaced so honor all the good things she has done and know that even if she is watching you from heaven she is proud of you. I know I am proud of each and every single one of my four adult children and all 8 of my grandchildren because without them I would not have been blessed to be called Mom, Ma, or Nana and to me that is the most precious sound ever heard to my ears.

Bless each and every single mother this weekend from our family to yours


3 comments on “Pau Hana Friday in Hawaii”

  1. Such a great story and memory for you. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well Nana Michelle!

  2. Thank you for sharing sweetie and a very Happy Mother’s Day to you too!!

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