Kicking & Screaming Into Technology

By: nanamichellecooking

May 08 2013

Category: Life in Nana Michelle's World


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Camera:KODAK EASYSHARE Camera, C1550

I started the beginning of this back in February but still dragged my feet kicking and screaming into the new concept of blogging what happens in our whacky and crazy Ohana. Those who follow us on Facebook know just how hilarious things are with the Wildchild boys and all the things we do as a family. We cook and we bake and we are hardly ever home lol because we can’t keep still (actually the Wildchild boys can’t lol I can). Bear with me as I learn how to actually work this blogging thing and by all means give me advice lol but be nice about it. Don’t worry about the spelling errors that will occur from time to time it means I am being distracted and typing here with my hands behind my back with one or two eyes or the ones the Wildchild boys swear I have on the back of my head somewhere else looking for where the trouble is happening.

If you don’t like something I post that is okay as well as we are all entitled to our own opinions and thoughts and I respect that. Just keep in mind all negative and spiteful and hate comments will be removed ASAP because this is actually my blog and my thoughts and my life and as you will find it is a family adventure on here so not only will I read your comments but my daughters, my sons and yes even my grandchildren will be reading them. We are a multi cultural family and we embrace all who enter our house with love and respect and we expect to be treated the same way.

Enjoy the antics and the what I am sure will be totally hilarious to those who have blogged for a long time my kicking and screaming into this blogging technology adventure with the Wildchild boys and be prepared to laugh out loud and every once in a while fall off your chair as you take the journey with us.

2 comments on “Kicking & Screaming Into Technology”


    • Thank you gloryj and as I get my recipes and photos transferred over from Facebook you will see that most of my recipes are ones that are tweaked from the old recipes to fit our modern taste and ingredients without compromising the traditional original recipe that was handed down or found in one of the ancient cookbooks. I also do a lot of creating in the kitchen from what I have on hand or when the Wildchild boys and I play Chopped and they look and try and stump me with the ingredients they put in front of me.
      Nana Michelle & The Wildchild Boys : )

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